Testosterone Steroids Powders


CAS No: 58-18-4

Molecular formula: C20H3002

Molecular weight: 302.46

Appearance: white or off-white crystalline powder

Assay: 99%

Delivery time: 5-15 working days door-to-door

Minimum order: 10g

Standard: USP30

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

Storage: Shading, confined preservation

Usage: can be used as pharmaceutical material for androgen and Albumen Assimilation steroids.


Product description: Buy Methyl 1 testosterone powder, 17a-Methyl-1-testosterone powder, Methyl-1-Testosterone powder USA.

Methyl 1 testosterone or M1T which it is called for short, can be looked at as some sort of mixture of primobolan, trenbolone, and winstrol. It is 700 times more powerful than testosterone.

Methyl 1-Testosterone (M1T) is known as one of the most potent designer prohormone of this muscle building hormone that's available legally on the market , it can add pounds of lean mass, radically define the physique, and add to your levels of strength rapidly.

Methyl 1 testosterone gained a reputation among bodybuilders and athletes as being a rapid muscle builder which was very potent in even low doses. The product is known to work extremely well during bulking cycles and even during a cut when used to retain muscle size and strength.

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Below shows the average results of Methyltestosterone:

DescriptionWhite or light yellowish crystalline powder
Assay(by TLC)97.0%min98.52%
Melting Point146~ 154°C149.0~151.0°C
Residue On Ignition0.1%max0.05%
Loss On Drying1.0%max0.18%.
Heavy Metals10PPm max< 10PPm

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