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CAS No: 76-43-7

Einecs No: 200-961-8

MF: C20H29FO3

MW: 336.44

Purity: 99%

Appearance: white powder.


Unleash Your Potential with Halotestin: A Powerful Anabolic Steroid

Looking to enhance your performance and achieve remarkable results? Halotestin, also known as fluoxymesterone, is a potent anabolic-androgenic steroid that can help you reach new heights. In this article, we will explore the uses and benefits of Halotestin, shedding light on its unique properties and potential risks.

The Versatile Applications of Halotestin

Halotestin has been widely used in medical settings to address various conditions. It has proven effective in treating male hypogonadism, delayed puberty in males, and breast neoplasms in women. Compared to methyltestosterone, Halotestin is approximately five times more potent. Its antitumor activity is believed to stem from its ability to reduce or competitively inhibit prolactin receptors, estrogen receptors, or their production.

Power and Danger of Halotestin

Halotestin stands out as one of the most powerful anabolic-androgenic steroids available. As a derivative of testosterone, it offers tremendous strength and performance benefits. However, its potency also comes with potential risks. Although primarily used as a testosterone replacement for individuals with growth issues, Halotestin has found applications as an anti-estrogen treatment for breast cancer in women.

Avoiding Estrogen-Related Side Effects

One advantage of using Halotestin is its inability to aromatize into estrogen. This reduces the likelihood of virilization and androgenic side effects. While derived from testosterone, Halotestin exhibits milder effects on the body. It is important to note that Halotestin is not an effective bulking agent. If your goal is to achieve substantial gains in size and weight, other options may be more suitable.

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Halotestin Price Information

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Halotestin, with its remarkable potency and versatility, has carved a niche in the world of anabolic steroids. Whether used as a testosterone replacement or for medical purposes, its unique properties offer potential benefits. However, it's crucial to understand the risks associated with Halotestin and use it responsibly. By choosing a reputable supplier like Hi-Wi, you can gain access to high-quality products and exceptional service. Consult with a healthcare professional before considering the use of Halotestin to ensure its suitability for your specific circumstances.

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