Why You Can't Abuse Steroid Powders Casually

February 22, 2023

Abuse of anabolic steroid powders

One of the main reasons is that it can improve the level of some people in sports competitions. Among competitive bodybuilders, the rate of steroid powder abuse is very high! Steroid abuse is also common in other sports.

Another major reason is that steroid powders can increase muscle size or reduce body fat.

This mainly refers to people with behavioral syndromes. They have a very distorted understanding of their own bodies.

Men will think they are thin, even if the men are already developed; women will think they are too fat, even if the women are slim enough.

There are also people who abuse steroid powders who have been physically assaulted or sexually abused. These people try to get stronger to protect themselves.

In a series of surveys of male weightlifters, 25 percent of those who abused steroids were physically or sexually abused during their childhood.

A: survey of female weightlifters found that women who had been raped were twice as likely to take steroid powders as those who did not.

In addition, the women who had been raped had struggled with physical training afterward.

They believe that only a strong body can protect them from physical attack. because it may make men see themselves as very threatening and unattractive.

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Steroid abuse side effects.

The abuse of steroid powders can have many side effects. It can cause acne and pimples. male breast enlargement; in severe cases, it can be life-threatening, such as heart and liver cancer. Most side effects can be reversed if stopped in time. but some are permanent!

The vast majority of data on the side effects of steroid powders in humans comes from case reports. It can be seen from these case reports that the harm caused by steroids to human health is not well understood. The conclusion from animal study data: People who use steroids don't live long!

Seriously disrupt the body's hormonal system.

Steroid powders severely disrupt normal hormonal production in the body. causing reversible or irreversible physical changes. Reversible physical changes include semen volume and shrinkage of testicles; irreversible physical changes include depletion of androgens and breast enlargement. In some surveys of male bodybuilders, it was found that due to the destruction of their hormonal systems.

Most of them had shrinking testicles and significantly enlarged breasts; surveys of female bodybuilders found that they tended to be masculine. mainly manifested in breast changes Small significantly reduced body fat, very rough skin, enlarged clitoris, and lower voice. more body hair, less hair. If you continue to use it then some side effects can't be recovered at a!

Steroids wreak havoc on the skeletal muscle system.

Growing testosterone and other sex hormones can make a teen's body grow very fast. However, when the hormones are at a certain level. it stops the growth of the bones and there will never be a change in height again!

Steroids wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system.

Steroids can trigger some cardiovascular diseases. such as heart disease and stroke. Because it changes the level of lipoproteins in the body (the lipoproteins that carry cholesterol into the blood).

Oral steroids. in particular, can raise low-concentration finger protein levels but lower high-concentration lipoprotein levels, which can store lipids in arteries and block blood circulation.

If blood doesn't reach the heart properly. it can cause a heart attack; if blood doesn't reach the brain properly, it can cause a stroke.

In addition, steroids can also cause blood to clot in the blood vessels. seriously hindering the normal flow of blood and disrupting the normal blood supply to the heart muscle.

Possible addiction to anabolic steroids.

According to research. it has not yet been determined whether steroid use is addictive. but studies have shown that most users continue to use steroids regardless of their personal health.

AL the same time, they spend a lot of time and money using steroids. and once they stop using them, they report weaknesses restlessness loss of appetite, loss of consciousness, and a craving for more steroids.

But the most dangerous symptoms after discontinuation are depression and a strong suicidal tendency.

Even if there is no suicidal tendency, some users are very depressed for a year or more after discontinuation.

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