Human Growth Peptides


Product Name:IGF-1(DES)

CAS NO:75921-69-6



Certification: HPLC/MS

Appearance: white power

Min order:1kit

Shelf Date:24 months

Specification: 1mg/vial 10vials/kit


Product description:

DES (1-3) IGF-1 is modified, more efficient and improved version of the hormone, IGF-1, with approximately 10 times stronger action and effect as the classical IGF-1! DES (1-3) IGF-1 is particularly suited for massive muscle building and using chiefly shortly before and after training. It is no secret that IGF-1 is produced in the human body in the liver and in part also in other tissues, but the natural concentration of this hormone is insufficient for achieving the desired results in a significant increase in muscle mass. DES (1-3) IGF-1 is a new generation of IGF-1, which shifts the level and efficiency considerably further. His popularity among athletes and enthusiasts who want as quickly as possible to gain muscle mass because of sharply increasing day by day. The effectiveness of DES (1-3) IGF-1 has no doubt athletes talk about excellent results. DES (1-3) IGF-1 has a very strong anabolic effects - stimulates the metabolism of amino acids in the body (increases protein synthesis) increases RNA synthesis, promotes fat metabolism, glucose transport and has a strong anti-catabolic effect (protects muscles from decomposition). IGF-1 can stimulate hyperplasia - the growth of new cells. Moreover, the ability to bind to receptors of lactic acid, and enables to start the process of formation of new muscle tissue directly during training and not only afterwards. DES (1-3) IGF-1 has a very low afity for binding proteins only 1%, which makes it very effectively usable form of IGF-1, while up to 98% of standard IGF-1 bound to the binding proteins (and remains inactive It is not available for use on skeletal muscles and stimulate its growth). That is the main reason for his secrecy and high eficiency.

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